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Diverse teams create more value. Here's how we'll get there.

Diversity creates more value. The startup-scene has some work to do here. More female investors encourage more female entrepreneurs and prove to other potential female investors that they belong. VC funded female-led startups in Sweden are still painfully few. Nordic Female Investor Meetup (NFIM) is held for the fourth time to set focus on the challenges and opportunities still lying ahead. We need more female investors and more female-led startups. We need more innovation and smart use of technology to solve real problems.

Join us for the 2019 edition of  Nordic Female Investor Meetup where female investors and female entrepreneurs get inspired, enlightened and become a part of the movement! NFIM have so far had exclusively female speakers and panel members. Diversity is the key and this year we will host a mixed investor panel in the afternoon session. As most investors are men, it is crucial to understand the challenge from their perspective as well. Therefore both men and women are welcome to join NFIM. 

Pinc Capital

Are you a female founder or co-founder running a high-potential startup? Are you Interested to win 100 000 SEK? – Take the opportunity to pitch at Pinc Capital the 15th of October in Malmö, Sweden.

Pinc Capital is open for Nordic startups with at least one female founder. The start-up company will perform a 5 min investor pitch to a jury consisting of people from well-established VC-firms and business angels. There will also be an audience of investors and other relevant persons. A winner will be chosen by the jury and rewarded with a prize of 100 000 SEK, proudly sponsored by TicTac Interactive. Applying companies should be innovative startups with high ambitions and growth-potential. Applicants must be a limited company (Swedish AB) and should preferably have raised some pre-seed investments before the pitch. 

The pitches will take place on the 15th of October between 10 am to noon and the winner will be rewarded at the prize ceremony in the afternoon. 


Here are the 10 selected companies

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All you need to know

Crash Course "How to invest in startups":

  • The event takes place at Studio, Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, Malmö
  • Doors open at 08:30, the Crash Course starts at 09:00 

Pinc Capital:

  • The pitching event starts at 10:00

Networking lunch:

  • Lunch is served at 12:00

Nordic Female Investor Meetup:

  • The event starts at 13:00
  • Keynote speeches, inspirational journeys, panel discussions and prize ceremony for “Pinc Founder of the year
  • There will be two coffee breaks throughout the day
  • The event ends at 17:30 with a mingle with drinks and hors d'oeuvres at Minc Lounge, Anckargripsgatan 3, 21119 Malmö
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Welcome - Doors opens @Studio

Studio 30min

Crash-course – How to invest in startups

Ann-Sofie Hörlin, Almi Invest, Jeanette Andersson Minc/Queen Invest


Pinc Capital

Ten startups are pitching for investors and we’ve also invited a panel with representatives from Bonnier Ventures, Almi Invest, Hadean Ventures, Tassaka Invest and Brightly Ventures.

The pitching startups are:
FJONG, Bringwash, Stagecast, imagiLabs, Uman Sense, Finch, MedicQuant, Progress Me and The Folklore Company




NFIM - Welcome


Redefining how women build companies, do business, and define sucess


How moral licensing create funding gaps


Diversified from the start


Coffee break


Purpose, People and Passion


Scale - an opportunity or a curse?


From a business angel’s perspective


Short break


From a dedicated scientist to CEO of a listed company


Panel discussion

What’s the problem? An investor perspective on the gender investment imbalance and the steps towards change

On the panel: Thea Messel. Hampus Jakobsson, Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, Mårten Öbrink


Prize giving ceremony: Pinc Founder of the year

Sponsor by: TicTac Interactive


Closing remarks



drinks and nibbles at Minc



Aleksandra Avli
Founder and CEO of HON (Her Online Network)

Aleksandra's story started with the establishment of HER global network, a female network. Aleksandra co-founded back in 2014 with the hope of engaging women in global conversation around vulnerability. The rapid growth of HER inspired Aleksandra to redirect her attention to what women needed to act according to their own power, values and connectivity - this is where HON (Her Online Network) came to life.

HON is giving women opportunities to be heard and seen for professional and personal connection and collaboration world-wide. HON is not a social media platform based on likes and followers, it's a real-life tool for positive collaboration and community building- and for the benefit of female leadership and growth. Our mission is to foster authentic connections and collaboration where women grow professionally through a personal community.

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Helena Olá
Head of SW Product Development at Ericsson

My role and responsibility is to lead software development units across 6 locations around the globe, including 1500 highly skilled and professional SW engineers. We develop state of the art digital solutions in the domain of Business Support Solutions. Today we operate over 3 Billion Subscribers in our solutions.This is all about how you scale R&D and how you deliver world class products!I work with latest SW technologies and business trends in the ICT industry, to enable customers on their transformation journey towards digital solutions. I’m passionate about the challenge how to orchestrate Technology, People and Business in the best way. I’m fortunate to work with great people around the globe from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. We all share the same passion for SW development and the challenge of transformation drive evolution forward. This is why I love my job! 

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Kerstin Cooley
Managing Partner of Brightly Ventures

Kerstin Cooley is Managing Partner of Brightly Ventures, an early stage investor primarily focused on Nordic technology companies. Before launching Brightly, she co-founded and led the Nordic early stage investment firm MOOR, one of the first female-founded venture firms in. Prior to her VC career, Kerstin worked on SEB investment teams in Sweden and the U.S., investing in start-up hedge funds and developing and selling alternative investment products for institutional clients. With 20 years of experience in the financial and IT industries, she started her career at Silicon Valley based Echelon, which was listed at Nasdaq in 1998. In the late 1990's, Kerstin co-founded global communications agency Cognito. She also spent eight years in leading positions at financial software group, Trema, from managing the company’s M&A transactions to heading the US operations. Kerstin holds a Msc in International Business Administration from USBE, Sweden.

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Mark Conley
Assistant Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics

Mark is an Assistant Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics. His PhD is in Psychology from Columbia University where he collaborated closely with Columbia Business School on research in entrepreneurship and innovation. Mark continues to research the psychological and motivational causes of important organizational behaviour outcomes, specifically in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Mark teaches business Master’s students the statistical and methodological underpinnings of field experiments. Mark is co-author the HBR-published article on how men and women are asked different questions by VC’s and that affects how much financing they actually get, read more about it here

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Mette Gross
Business Angel

With a financial background from media, industry and med-tech business, Mette has over the last 10 years combined work as an independent financial consultant, interim CFO positions and acting as an active investor in early start-up companies. Celebrated growing companies with share listings and increased shareholder value, alongside experiences from companies and entrepreneurs that never made it with shareholders who lost their investments. 

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Susanna Campbell

Sanna is an active early stage investor, advisor and board professional with a long background in private equity investing.  Sanna has a passion for developing companies and is actively involved in some of Sweden’s most exciting early stage ventures. She was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of Norrsken’s investment operations (Impact Tech focus), where she today is senior advisor and member of the investment committee. Sanna is also an Industrial advisor, Board member and an early investors in Northvolt, a truly ambitious project to manufacture the greenest batteries in the world (and Sweden’s latest unicorn). In addition Sanna is an active angel investor in companies like HON, Estrid and Pilloxa. In her professional Board work Sanna is chairman and co-owner of Babyshop Group, Röhnisch Sportswear and Ljung & Sjöberg, as well as a Board member of listed companies Kinnevik and Indutrade. Sanna has a background as CEO of listed investment company Ratos and early in her career from management consulting and investment banking. 

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Sarah Fredriksson
CEO, Aqilion AB

After earning her doctorate in 1999, Sarah founded Genovis AB and developed the company as CEO until 2015. At that time the company had one subsidiary in the US and was listed on First North – Nasdaq OMX Nordic. Sarah’s entrepreneurial journey gave her a rough ‘ hands on ‘ education in strategic business development on a global market, financing of development companies and leadership as well as a deep understanding of what it takes to manage a company that is listed on the Swedish stock market. Currently she holds the position as CEO in Aqilion AB, a company that invest in, develop and sell drug development projects. Her passion for driving change, innovation and companionship with amazing people is her drive and motivation. Sarah was a finalist for the 2015 European Union Women Innovators prize and she holds assignments in the Boards of Directors in private and listed companies as well as in non-profit organizations and academic organizations.

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Sandy Errestad

Sandy is a communications specialist who has worked with startups, investors, and startups community organisations across the Swedish, British, and American markets. She has worked directly with more than 50 startups, ranging from pre-seed to post-exit stage, including with names like TransferWise and Klarna. Sandy was named one of the most influential tech profiles in the Nordics in 2017 and 2018 by Slush and The Nordic Web, and Resumé recently named her one of Sweden’s top marketing talents.

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Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist

Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist is an angel and VC investor focusing on finding products and markets that are underserved. Funded E14 Invest and is currently raising capital for A-round VC firm edge021. She has a background as an entrepreneur, politician and CEO of Swedish Federation of Business owners. Elisabeth is the author of the book: ”Nerdonomics – The big impact of small business on future economic growth” that describes how niched products, services and ideas can reach a local or global community that care about just there sub tribe, by using digital platforms.

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Hampus Jakobsson

Hampus is an investor with more than 100 investments and a vocal speaker and blogger about diversity and inclusion. Prior to investing he founded a couple of companies. 

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Mårten Öbrink

As an entrepreneur since 20+ years, Mårten has founded, sold, crashed and IPO:ed several companies. Mårten is also an active startup mentor and angel investor

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Thea Messel
CEO of Unconventional Ventures

Thea is the founder and CEO of Unconventional Ventures - an investment company that invests in scalable, early-stage startups founded by underrepresented founders, namely women, LGBTQ+, people of colour and immigrants in the Nordics. Before transitioning into the investment space, Thea has a decade of experience in Banking and Sustainability, co-founding concepts to support Nordic startups such as,, +Impact accelerator, Thea has a MSc. International Business and BSc in Philosophy and Economics

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